Debora MirandaI also write in English – on the Mind the Health blog – about the things that I’m passionate about: health, cultural differences and the complex art of communicating in today’s overwhelming digital age.

I started blogging in Portuguese (my first language) a long time ago, but I’ve been writing more (and in English) since moving abroad in 2006. My short university exchange programme in Germany became ten years in cold central Europe – Leipzig, Bonn, Brussels, Geneva and London. In between, I specialised in health communication and wrote a book about homesickness.

Now I’m a fellow at Social Impact Lab Leipzig, a social innovation incubator in Germany that’s helping me develop my social startup to fight the stigma associated to particular health conditions.

My English blog Mind the Health is a step towards that goal, so I invite you to take a look. You can also join our community on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.

Thanks for your interest – I look forward to hearing from you!

— Débora


Social innovation startup supported by Social Impact Lab

Social innovation startup supported by Social Impact Lab